5 Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep While Traveling with Kids

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My elder sister, who has two toddlers, aged one and three, traveled to Kenya with her kids and husband during the Christmas holidays for one week. We were both discussing how taking vacations with kids can be stressful, especially if you don’t get to rest properly. She talked about how she and her husband were able to get the recommended night’s sleep they required.   

Get a Suite or a hotel room with a Patio/Balcony

Sharing the same hotel room with your baby/toddler can prove very challenging, especially given the fact that you might want to stay up a little longer while your kid(s) are asleep.  

If you will be staying in a hotel, it’s best to get a suite or a hotel room that has a balcony or patio that can serve as a second room. You will also be able to put your kid(s) to bed at their usual sleep time, helping them get a good night’s rest while you stay up a little longer and get your rest when you need to without any hassle. 

Carry sleeping aids

When traveling with kids, it is wise to end your day on a calm and positive note. Carrying sleeping aids for you and your kid(s) goes a long way to making sure everyone gets a good night’s rest. Traveling with the toys your kid(s) sleeps typically with goes a long way to help keep their bedtime routine the same. 

You can travel with things like bath oils, scented candles, face masks, and so on to help you feel relaxed and unwind before sleep at night. I personally make sure I carry all my facial products because doing a facial routine just before I sleep makes me feel clean and relaxed.  

A useful travel aid is a weighted blanket, which affords you and your little one many benefits such as staying asleep through the night and improving your mood. Other sleeping aids include sheets, strollers, or a white noise app. 

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Start early

This is an essential tip for people who will be traveling into different time zones. It is always better to start sleeping with the schedule of the time zone at least three days before your expected travel. If your trip will be for a short period, between two to three days and the time difference is not so vast, then it is best you remain on the time zone of your home town/city.  

You can start with little modifications a week before the expected travel fifteen to twenty-minute adjustments in eating and sleeping routines each day. This will make it easier for both you and your child to adjust to the time zone of the travel destination and shift everyone’s circadian rhythm. 

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Take naps as much as you can

You should try to take naps as much as you possibly can help you stay refreshed throughout the day. This can be an almost impossible task when your day is booked; it is therefore advised that you plan your outings around the kid(s) nap time as much as possible. This way, when the kid(s) are taking a nap, you can use the opportunity to take a nap yourself. 

You mustn’t skip the regular nap for the kids because this can make them cranky. If, however, for some reason, you can’t get a nap during the day, it is advised that you put the kid(s) to sleep earlier so you can also catch an early night’s rest.  

Be flexible and have fun

Try not to be too rigid with planning during vacations. Schedule your day as much as you can, but leave room for unplanned incidents. If, for example, you feel worn out and you still have places to visit, you should be able to get some rest and comfortably reschedule the visits for the next day.  

Traveling can be stressful, coupled with the responsibility of caring for toddlers can be much more stressful. It is crucial that you anticipate all the inconveniences you can avoid and plan to avoid them. However, creating wonderful memories with your family is worth a bit of hassle.  

Frank Hamilton has been working as a translator at translation service TheWordPoint. He is the father of two sons. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English. 

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