Ask Dr. Gramma Karen: “13 Reasons Why”: To Watch, or Not To Watch

Note: This is an unabridged version of a column I wrote for GRAND Magazine. As a parent or grandparent, you cannot escape making the to-watch or not-to-watch decision about 13 Reasons Why, the Netflix 13-hour series that depicts Hannah Baker, a high school student and the show’s central character, who dies by suicide. Hannah leaves […]

9 Ways to Create an Inclusive Transracial/Transcultural Adoption Community

Today’s families are increasingly multicultural and multiracial. Research has a found that transracial families thrive, but transracial parenting must be intentional parenting. Many parents think that love is enough to overcome racial and cultural differences between themselves and their child, but they must also create a diverse community of people in their life to offer […]