Winter Wellness and Safety

Love it or hate it, winter rolls around every year. For families who live in colder climates, it brings with it several things that can adversely affect the wellness of you or your children. Keeping the following advice in mind and taking preventative steps will help ensure your family spends the wintertime in good health.

Should You Get Your Kids a Pet for Christmas?

Every holiday season, there is debate about whether pets should be given as gifts. The argument against this practice is that kids often get bored of their presents – and when it comes to an animal or pet, this could result in pets needing to be re-homed. We want to avoid this as much as possible. It’s a valid concern, but it’s certainly not the case every time a kid gets a pet for Christmas.

5 Reasons to Cook at Home More

Once upon a time, eating out was an event that even the wealthy only participated in rarely. But as time passed, eating out became easier and more affordable, and thus more popular than ever before. Indeed, researchers report that Americans are eating out more than they ever have before.

4 Tips for Teaching Children How to Budget

Money can be a complicated issue to discuss with kids, but it’s a necessary part of life they need to learn about. With the current financial difficulties many people are facing today, helping them develop budgeting skills at an early age may help them obtain financial security when they’re older.

Outdoor Activities for Children and Grandparents

Nothing’s more fun than spending time in nature during the spring and summer months. What better way to get extended family to bond with each other than soaking up some sunshine and reaping the benefits of being outside?

An added benefit of outdoor activities with your grandchildren is that most of them cost very little or are free to do. When was the last time you paid to lay on your back in the grass and do some cloud gazing? Read on to learn more about possible ideas for grandparents to explore the outdoors with their grandchildren.