All My Kids Do is Fight: What to Do?

Look, siblings are like roommates who never chose each other. Sometimes it will be cool, other times not so cool.

As for the “stay-out-of-it-or-get-into-it” – As I always say, you are there to mentor. If your kids are fighting they need help, so help them.

Air Travel with Kids: How Do I Lessen the Crazy?

Traveling CAN be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be a horror show. Keep in mind that society lets loud, obnoxious grown ups out and about in public – so KIDS who are loud and… ummm… let’s just say loud – are allowed out there too! And they are KIDS and still learning (so, to the jerk yelling at the line to move faster – what’s your excuse?) What’s a grown up’s excuse? Hmmm? NONE. OK, rant over – let’s get down to biz.

How Much TV Time is OK?

I would love to say no TV time is best, but I know that can be tough. We need time. We want kids to be quiet and sit. We have things to do. There are also some things that we LIKE watching with our kids. So how much TV is the right amount?