Potty Training Troubles

My kid is potty trained but now just pees on herself because she just doesn’t wanna stop playing. Now what? Ahhhh, kids are funny. You would think that they would care about being wet, and some do BUT there are some that couldn’t care less. They’re busy, they’re painting, they’re working through a power play thing with you. There are many reasons why kids do this, but that’s not what ya came for. You came for a solution.

How You Are Doing It RIGHT

I often write about ways to improve on your parenting or new strategies or changes to make, but this time I am shaking it up. In honor of Mother’s Day month, I want to let you know why you are doing a great job. How do I know? You will see… You Woke Up And […]

Is the Tattle Phone a Good Idea?

This issue has crossed my path a few times recently as well, and it really got me thinking. On the surface it seems great. It helps teachers and parents – or it seems to – and the kids like it – at first. I mean… kids, a weird old timey phone, talking about themselves… what’s not to like? 

Should I Help My Toddler?

It can be TOUGH – especially when you have to be somewhere – to let kids DO on their own, but making the time for accomplishments in independence is so important. Kids learn by doing, they gain self-esteem by doing, and they become problem solvers by doing.

How Do I Handle An Epic Toddler Tantrum?

Ahhh, The Epic Toddler Tantrum. It is a masterful thing. Number one, remember that it is not about you. Your child might be mad at you, but the child’s explosion is about him and his feelings, and you do not have to own those feelings as well. He is not in pain, he is  PISSED. Let him be mad, you do not have to be as well.

Tips for Happy Holidays

The holidays can be a fun and festive time. Unfortunately they can also be busy, rushed and stressful, and that can cause your children to be less than festive themselves. Here are some tips to keep your holidays happy. All that you have to do is keep K.I.D.S. in mind. Kisses Respect your child’s wish […]