My Son Wants to Wear a Tutu


My 3 year old son wants to wear a tutu to school. He sees his sister wearing one and wants to as well. I don’t know what to do. Yes or no? 

First ask yourself what about this bothers you. Are you worried that his peers or teachers will disapprove or make fun of him? The other parents? Are you worried that the sister may be mad that he borrowed her stuff? What about a tutu is too much? What exactly is holding you back?

Society puts a lot of emphasis on segregating girl and boy things, and though things are thankfully changing, they are not changing fast enough. We still are very stuck when it comes to what each gender should wear. 

Now, no one thinks much of it when a little girl wears sweatpants and a baseball tee. No one minds when she wants to play football or go fishing or get dirty from digging in the mud with her digger. It’s really the boys who get short-changed here. They are still told to let the girls play with dolls or to dress up like a policeman – though that sparkly princess dress is hard to ignore. I mean really, girls clothes ARE kinda amazing. They are shiny, full of sparkle and bright colors. Who wouldn’t want that? 

I have known some little fellas to wear a tutu and barrettes one day, and a dino t-shirt and jeans with muddy sneakers the next. I have had wonderful, small women who wear jeans and a jersey one day, and shine like the sun in their dynamic dress the next. 

We want kids to be themselves, but shy away when “themselves” does not fit our mold. Go for it. Let him rock what he wants, and show him that he has ownership over his body and path. Show him that he can be who he wants to be. We all like a little sparkle and pizzazz in our lives, let’s let our boys have that as well.

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