Trying to Find the Mom Balance

I don’t know about you, but each morning I wake up and aim for a balanced day. A day of balance between being a mom first, and a psychologist/professional second. I have aspirations of staying calm, planning ahead, and staying on top of the schedule and demands of my children and private practice.   

Parents: Speak Less, Listen More

When it comes to parenting, we may think that “more is more,” but what I’m finding is that when we are verbose in our directions and daily expressions, we may actually be overwhelming our children. Sounds crazy, right? How could words, which are invisible, be overwhelming? I think it’s time to go back to the basics of “less is more” and use our own behaviors and non-verbal gestures to communicate with our children on a more genuine and simple level.

Anxious Parents: Raise Resilient Children

  In my last article, “Anxious Parents: Are We Raising Anxious Children?” I reviewed taking a look at ourselves as parents and asking the question – are we anxious? If so, are we passing that anxiety down in our everyday parenting? Preparing that article forced me to self-reflect and take a look at the language […]

Anxious Parents: Are We Raising Anxious Children

Raising children is a very anxiety provoking experience. We give birth to innocent, little babies and we vow to protect them and make them happy forever. After we become accustomed to our new lifestyle of waking up again and again, and all of the glories of that first year of life, parenting feels do-able. We realize that […]

Help Your Child Build Social Skills at Home

Your child is bright, creative, and clearly has many areas of skills. In theory, that should make it so that relating to peers is easy, given that he has so many areas of interest to talk and relate about, right? Well, not exactly. Our children with ADHD are passionate people who love what they love […]