How Long Will it Take to Lose the Baby Weight?

One of the most challenging issues that comes up while expecting is navigating our baby weight gain. In the past we may have struggled with our weight, or have religiously been able to maintain our ideal weight - but now, as we slowly see the numbers creep up with every prenatal visit, it can bring up feelings of fear, anxiety, and frustration. We’ve spent our entire lives trying not to gain weight – and now it’s quite a mind shift that this is actually a good thing! Weight gain is... read more

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The Fifteen Minute Rule!

At the end of a long day, there are times I look around the house, and say, “When did this happen?!” Things are a bit messy, a bit out of place, and sometimes the last thing I want to do … read more

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Are We Raising Anxious Children?

Raising children is a very anxiety provoking experience. We give birth to innocent, little babies and we vow to protect them and make them happy forever. After we become accustomed to our new lifestyle of waking up again and again, and all … read more

Frequently Asked Questions About Infant Sleep

We held a highly informative teleclass by renowned infant sleep expert Janeen Hayward which covered topics like eliminating night wakings, naps, and much more! In case you missed it and are interested in learning about your infant’s sleep, below are the 10 … read more

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