Common Baby Product Concerns

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Baby products play a large part in our lives and in the development of our infants. Although there are great products and brands to choose from, many aspects of the baby products industry make parents feel uneasy. After surveying over one hundred parents, we have the most common objections to baby products and how to solve them. The results might surprise you.

Baby recalls

Parents have major concerns with recalls not merely for the harmful chemicals and manufacturing safety flaws found in them. Many parents believe that some recalls are caused by inaccurate installation, improper use and unsupervised child accidents. There have been cases where an item was recalled without a true malfunction found with the product. Families have stated that they’ve had their most reliable and useable items recalled in such a situation.

However, this only represents a small percentage of recalls. Although this is discouraging, recalls are made for the safety of children and should always be taken seriously. If you are purchasing a new item or receiving a previously owned product, always check to see if the item is on recall. Keep in mind that baby cribs are by far the most recalled items and are recalled five more times than any other baby product.

Baby product variety

Parents aren’t too fond of persistent advertisements that market every new item as a necessity to own. It is easy to get sucked into all the new bells and whistles with new baby products. Let’s face it: baby toys are fun, exciting, and stimulating. Companies take time and spend millions of dollars to bring the best to the market for babies. With so many options, it’s hard to determine the difference between what we need and what we want. However, you do have choices; the basic needs of a child are moderate.


One of the main concerns that parents have is the cost of their products. Shopping for your baby can become expensive. With so many different pricing options, it’s hard to determine what to pay vs. the benefits the product will give your baby. The best way to arm yourself is by doing research before you buy. Retailers thrive off of impulse buying; parents in a digital marketplace can empower themselves with knowing the options.

Second hand stores are a good place to buy used toys if they are getting too expensive for you. Most cities also have consignment and trade-in stores that buy and sell baby items at a reduced price. You can sell your used baby items to these stores as well. Retailers always clearance their items right after a specific season. Looking for summer clothes? Buy them off the clearance rack in the fall. Local and national online marketplaces such as amazon and craigslist are also hotbeds for parents buying and selling items for cheap.

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Solving your concerns

In order to be a savvy consumer you have to be aware of all of your options. Keep up to date with recalls. You can simply Google “baby recalls” to get a full list of them. You should always return the item to your purchasing retailer or the manufacturer. You will be reimbursed the full amount paid, even if you’ve had the product for a long time.

Knowing what exactly to buy your little one is a more difficult find. However, there are reviews and an abundance of information out there. One resource to check is online marketplaces. With so many comments and reviews, they can make your life much easier. Reviews aren’t everything, but they can help you find out what others think of a product before you buy it.

You can also use this to help you with comparative pricing. Solving your product issues are easier now than ever. Check your local and national options, stay up-to-date, do your research and you will see a difference in your parenting journey.

Sean Walker owns Wonderful Bambino a company that provides natural baby products specializing in cloth diapers. He has experience in the baby retail and manufacturing industry as well as a Bachelors of Science degree in Merchandising and Apparel.  

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