The 9 Best Maternity Subscription Boxes

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The 9 Best Maternity Subscription Boxes

By Liana Vazquez

When you are expecting, self-care is even more important than usual. Preparing to be a mother, and then actually becoming one, takes a lot of time and energy. Unfortunately that usually means time and energy away from taking care of yourself. That is why these pregnancy, postpartum, and even Dad subscription boxes are so helpful. Each box is filled with useful, fun, delicious, goodies all with a different theme or purpose. Just pick which one works best for you—or purchase a subscription gift for another expectant mama in your life! 


Mombox, $39-$59 per month


Mombox is on a mission to improve the postpartum experience. They provide monthly subscriptions with curated beauty and wellness products to help moms recover after giving birth. These items may not be found in a common pharmacy, which is what makes these boxes so great. There are four options: the Motherload, the Mini, the Original, and the C-section, along with three different subscription plans. You are bound to find the right box for you!


Stork Bags, $98-$396

Stork Bags

Stork Bags was created by mothers for mothers, all with an emphasis on support and empowerment. There are three types of bags to choose from: Glow, Diva, and Luxe each at a different price point. Some of the included items are trimester specific foods and snacks, luxurious products to pamper and spoil, and useful items that are meant to alleviate the discomfort of pregnancy.


Bump Boxes, $35.99-$44.99 per month

Bump Boxes

Bump Boxes ensure safe products for a healthy pregnancy. There are four plans to choose from: a 12 month, nine month, sixth month and month-to-month subscription—all linked to your due date! Each box contains 5 useful items such as a water bottle, a foot soak, a massager, and no-slip socks. These subscriptions can also continue after birth, thanks to Bump Boxes’ Bitsy line created for babies.


Stitch Fix, $20 styling fee + cost of items you choose to keep

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix Maternity sends fashionable clothes that fit your before-the-bump style. This way you can feel like yourself even when everything is changing! You start by taking a style quiz, and then choose your preferred budget and size. The best part? When you receive your box of curated clothing you can pick which pieces you want to buy and which you want to send back. Shipping is free!


Mama Bird Box, $34.95 per month

Mama Bird Box

Mama Bird wants pregnant women to understand they deserve to be pampered, and that’s reflected in their boxes. In each box there are 4-6 items for every stage of pregnancy, such as skin scrubs, nail polish, coconut oil for the belly, and a shower steamer. These items encourage well-being and would make a thoughtful and fashionable gift.

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Ecocentric Mom, $159.96-$449.99 per trimester

Ecocentric Mom

Ecocentric Mom creates boxes that are meant to help our planet, while also helping moms to be. The products are vegan, organic, and completely safe for pregnancy! There are three size options: Mini, Original, and Premium, each at a different price point. A box is sent for each trimester, including postpartum, based on mom’s due date. You can also buy one-time boxes instead of subscribing.

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Rad Dad, $27.99-$45 per month

Rad Dad

Rad Dad was created to fill the gap that expectant fathers feel. Each month fathers will receive a package of products curated to help them bond with the baby. The boxes include items like baby toys, self-care products, and dad-themed gear. Rad Dad offers month-to-month, three-month or six-month subscription plans, as well as individual boxes.


Moms + Babes Box, starting at $54.95

Moms + Babes Box

Moms + Babes delivers premium products to mothers and their children. There are about 10 products per box, and it’s delivered four times per year. Products for your little ones are meant for learning and playing, such as a puzzle or snack. While the products for mom are meant to pamper and destress, such as face masks and headbands.  


Mother Snacker, $168 for three months

Mother Snacker

Mother Snacker is made to satisfy a new mother’s cravings for sweets, treats and a much needed break. The founder of Mother Snacker had no time to relax as a new mom, and so she created these boxes to help other moms who need a date with themselves. Each package includes 6-8 artisan desserts or snacks, all sourced from female-founded businesses. Also, this box makes a wonderfully thoughtful one-time gift, in addition to three and six-month subscriptions.


Liana is an intern at New York Family. Born and raised in New Jersey, she graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a degree in Literature. When she isn’t writing or reading, Liana is watching movies, visiting her friends, and making a mess in the kitchen.

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