4 Ways to Have a Great Summer Staycation With Your Kids

Mother and daughter planting flowers together. When we hear the word vacation, some of us may think of the classic eighties tune of the same name by the all-girl group the Go Go’s: “Vacation, all I ever wanted, Vacation, had to get away.” But for many busy Moms these days who are on a tight budget, this type of getaway may become more of a homebound adventure rather than the classic road trip.

Especially with the price of gas, staying at home could be considered more of an affordable luxury item and can often be a necessity for many families who are strapped for cash. Just because we’re at home for the summer doesn’t mean we can’t make some memories and have a really great time with our kids. So here are four ways to take a trip without leaving the house and other ways to enjoy the summer at home with our youngsters:


With the advent of modern technology, it’s now possible to go virtually anywhere on earth without leaving the comfort of our home. Ask the kids to make a list of nearby or far off destinations they’d like to visit and travel with them via the computer, laptop or smartphone. Possible choices could include:


Encourage your kids to shop online for school clothes and other supplies with the added task of finding the best deals for these necessities – especially if they need big ticket items like laptops or notebooks. This will also help them to understand how important it is to shop around and how much prices can vary from place to place.


Investing a little bit of money and a fair amount of time into a small garden can pay off in the long run with healthy fruits and vegetables once autumn draws near. After planting, children should be tasked with the daily duties of gardening, which include watering and weeding.

Along with the responsibility of caring for their plants, they’ll also get the pride of picking the products of their labor come harvest time. Even if you don’t have a backyard or other outdoor space available, you could always grow indoor herbs or other low-maintenance houseplants.


Another way to travel without leaving your hometown is by visiting locations around the world through movies. The 1956 classic Around the World in 80 Days – reinvented in 2004 and starring Jackie Chan – will take us on a global adventure and entertain us at the same time.

Other tales like The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – another title available in an older version from 1947 as well as the recent remake with Ben Stiller – is another way to take a world-wide tour. Perhaps you could have a movie night and watch both films, critiquing the differences between the two – modern versus classic.

Enjoy the warmer months with your children without breaking the bank. Just because you don’t take a traditional summer vacation doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this time off with your kids.

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