Yoga Tips for Traveling With Children

So, you are thinking of the best way to travel with your little one’s and all I can suggest is to remember that with any child, it is about the journey not the destination.

So here are some fun ways to travel with your little ommie’s!

Pack it in:
Let them choose 3 things to bring in a backpack; it can be crayons, color wonder markers with the color wonder paper, a doll or even a stuffed animal. When they are choosing items to bring with them, they own the process. When things get a bit anxious, have them put their palm on their knees and this tends to bring their energy down. If they need to wake up a bit, then have them put their hands in a cup shape on their knee’s and let the energy fill that cup up.

Picture this:
Show them pictures of where they will be going and let them draw a map of what it might look like. Even if it is a real map or if it is a few squiggly lines, let them decide what it is that it will look like. Then, when you arrive, ask them to take the map out and guide you – even if they say take a right and it is a left, take two rights and it will still be a holiday vacation and you might find something fun and cultural to share. Think of an animal pose that you might be able to re-create on holiday. The most fun is balancing poses like tree and look for what kinds of tree’s are around. Its great to help them by doing the pose with them and holding hands.

Just breath:
Ahhh yes, easier said than done – this I know, but when you let out a sigh it will help with reducing stress and self-regulation. Every now and then let out a sign and maybe visualize with them. Start with a sign and say something like “I wish I was a rainbow” and have them tell you the color of your hands and feet and so on. This way they will learn to put focus elsewhere and may want to visualize for them. This is also a great way to develop body awareness and space awareness.

Our super food for May is AVOCADO – Yummy
What a fun way to get healthy with your munchkins by making some fresh avocado and make some guacamole or even butter your toast with some avocado and a tomato. The Avocado is great for your eyes, heart health and helps with reducing our cholesterol and high in potassium and Folic Acid. Go out and get your fresh organic avocado and to keep it longer put it in a paper bag on the counter. When you are out shopping make sure to look for the number “9” to make sure it is organic. You will find a better tasting and quality of fruit and veg. So remember the number “9” should be the first number when you buy.

Kami Evans
ERYT – 200hr, Children Yoga Instructor and Holistic Health Coach
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