30 At-Home Spring Break Activities for Kids

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When the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and school is out for at least a week, you can expect your kids will be home with a case of spring fever. So what’s a parent or nanny to do to keep energetic kiddos busy when a vacation isn’t in the plans? Well, plenty! 

This list of spring break activities for families will make every day at home more fun than the next.  

  1. Bake thumbprint cookies 
  2. Camp out in the living room 
  3. Host a family movie night 
  4. Reinvent a cardboard box
  5. Craft a milk carton birdhouse  
  6. Play your favorite board games 
  7. Turn the bathroom into a spa 
  8. Make a spring time capsule 
  9. Paint a rainbow rock garden 
  10. Blow bubbles in the bathtub 
  11. Plant seeds in empty yogurt cups
  12. Go on a family scavenger hunt  
  13. Have a picnic on the lawn 
  14. Learn how to fly a kite 
  15. Write and illustrate a book

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  16. Make your own matching game 
  17. Film a how to video 
  18. Make your own playdough
  19. Watch the sun set
  20. Set up a lemonade stand 
  21. Put on a play or puppet show 
  22. Build a backyard hideout 
  23. Design an obstacle course
  24. Open a kids’ art gallery 
  25. Master a new yoga pose 
  26. Write an original joke 
  27. Fly paper airplanes 
  28. Build a house of cards 
  29. Play flashlight tag 
  30. Host talent show auditions 

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