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Now that my older son is almost ten, I am always looking for shows that we both enjoy. A few years ago it was a science show called How It’s Made — it turns out that I did not have a clue how anything was made! Last year, it was Cash Cab — again, alarming how many more questions my son got correct than I did. Recently, it has been a show on the Food Network called Chopped in which contestants are given random food items and must prepare a dish in a limited time.

Well, this latest one is right up our alley because we both LOVE food! It has become our weekly ritual to curl up on the couch together, share a bowl of mixed nuts (he eats the cashews and I eat the almonds) and hoot, holler and cheer together as the contestants sweat their way to being either “chopped” or victorious.

Here’s to finding enjoyable shows for the whole family from which you learn useless but FUN things– such as it’s possible to make a killer Elk steak when given only Nutella and cumin as your ingredients!

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