How to Make Your Home Virtual Learning Ready

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Making the transition to virtual learning can be a difficult process for both children and parents. Aside from ensuring that your kids have the tools they need to succeed this year, there is a decent amount of planning that goes into creating a functional classroom at home as well. If you haven’t yet had the time to focus on making your home virtual learning-friendly, there’s no better time than the present. As we enter the beginning of September, here are some tips to help you feel prepared for the school year ahead:

Get School Supplies

As tempting as it is to search around your house for the supplies you need, making your annual shopping trip to stock up on your child’s necessary school items for the year is essential. Though you should be able to get by with fewer supplies than previous years, not having the right tools for your child during a virtual learning session can throw off their focus mid-lesson. Beyond this, many children who plan to do virtual learning have already experienced enough change over the last few months. Taking a trip to purchase supplies and get them excited about the year ahead might be just what they need to be able to embrace, taking their classes at home fully.

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Be Organized

Whether you plan on staying home with your little one(s) or you have a family member who has committed to being there for school hours, having a daily schedule is vital. You can create your own colorful whiteboard that changes each week or find free printable schedules to use to keep your kids on track. Though it’s tempting to let your child’s class schedule do the organizing for you, having a visual routine for your kids will help their learning experience to feel more natural over time.

Create the Right Space

Many parents have already experienced the need for a designated office space while working from home these last few months, and having a designated classroom space is just as important. Listed below are just a few ways you can be creative with the rooms in your home to prepare for virtual learning:

Get rid of the guest bedroom: Unless you have dates locked down for family or friends to be visiting, now is the time to scrap the guest bedroom to make room for your classroom setup. Should you have a free weekend coming up, field the ideas from your kids as it pertains to the wall color, decorations, and desks. Involving your children in the process is sure to get them excited for the year ahead.

Have Kiddie Corners: Perhaps the easiest and most affordable way to create a learning area is by choosing a corner of your living room, dining room, or even your kitchen (should space allow) and transforming it into a desk space. This option is great for parents who understandably don’t have an extra room to spare to create a full learning area. Any corner can be made fun with creativity and the right decorations, so be sure to discuss ideas with your kids about how they want to make their corner more colorful!

Remodel: A pricier option for creating the right space is to dive into the remodeling part of your home altogether. Whether this means hiring a contractor to knock down a wall or finally going for that addition to your home you’ve been debating for years, a remodel is sure to give you more space. If you would love to be able to remodel your home to make it learning friendly but are worried about the cost, don’t rule out your options. Smaller renovations can easily be funded by putting them on your credit card, just like a regular payment. Larger scale remodels usually require some research into loan options. Consider these resources should you be interested in learning more about which loans might work best for you and your family:

Even if you start this process after the beginning of the school year, it will end up being worth it in the long run for your kids, while also adding value to your home!

Incorporate Extracurriculars

Finally, if you have yet to draft up a plan on incorporating extracurricular activities for your kids, be sure to do so. There are plenty of ways for your little ones to still experience their after school activities even though they’re staying at home this year. Create a PE area in your basement or the backyard to allow them to get still the proper exercise they need, and have some fun developing activities you can do with the whole family in the afternoons. Have outdoor relay races or arts and crafts time, and add this to their weekly schedule to get them excited about the activities you have planned.

Above all else, this school year, make sure as a parent, you stay positive. Commit yourself to making this experience educational and fun for your little ones, and research homeschooling blogs and ideas on days that you begin to feel lost. Remind your kids that your family is in this experience together and encourage them to express themselves every day.

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