We’re In This Together


One of my college roommates recently sent this to me. As a mom of “older kids” I just had to share a few excerpts from it:

Dear Lonely Mom of Older Kids,

Remember when it was easy to post photos of your adorable baby, or messy toddler on Facebook? Remember how you could publicly bemoan sleepless nights, and kids pooping in the bathtub? You could talk to your friends during playgroups, and get support during those naughty tantrums? It’s not that easy anymore. It’s hard to snap a photo that your middle schooler will approve of you posting on Facebook. You can’t really talk about the grades – good or bad – because your kid will be mad that you overshared. Your sleepless nights are caused by worry, not teething. You wonder about the influence of peers, not playgroups.

Because you suddenly realize that these kids are people. People with feelings and emotions. They need you to be their safe place. They need you to keep their secrets. They need you to pick up pimple concealer at CVS and not breathe a word to anyone. They are so easily embarrassed and you must do your part to help them get through it. And you know what? You will help them get through it. You will give them pep talks and scoldings and reminders and notes. You will give them confidence, and wings. It just takes awhile…

To read Rachel Ann’s letter in its entirety click here.

Here’s to knowing that all of us moms of older (and younger) kids are in this together!

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