Parenting: Slow Down and Enjoy the Ride!

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When my boys were young, people used to say to me, “Enjoy it now, they’ll be grown before you know it.” I was so sleep deprived, spit-up covered, emotional and overwhelmed that at the time, I never really knew what that meant. In fact, I often felt just the opposite – that I was actually rushing to get on to the next stage. The stage where they were sleeping through the night, through the terrible two’s, out of diapers, or starting school.

Now I get it. They grew up. OK – I know that at 5 and 8 years old that they are still young. But they will never be babies (or even toddlers) again. Looking back I think I was so desperate to move on to the next stage that I forgot to enjoy it more along the way. And now, as much as I love “the young men” they have become, I wish they could be babies again for one more day. Instead of rushing, I wish I could actually slow down their growing up.

So here’s to remembering that as hard as parenting is, try slow down and enjoy it, because they really do grow up before you know it.

What is your favorite activity you did or do with your infant/toddler? Do you have one memory that really makes you miss when your child was younger? Share your answer below!

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