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So ya’ll may have seen my business partner Laura Deutsch on GMA this morning talking about moms and drinking. One of the important themes that emerged from the segment was the need for moms to have support during their very rewarding yet difficult (!) parenting journey. The desire to provide moms with quality support, resources and education as well as providing a way for them to easily connect with other moms is why babybites was started over 5 years ago and why it has become one of the “go to” places for moms in all stages of motherhood.

One of the coolest things about working at babybites is that every day we receive emails and blog comments from moms validating the important work that babybites does to support our fellow moms. (If you’d like to be on our email list use the form below.) For example, here is an email that a mom wrote to Renee Sullivan, our babybites support group director,

“Becoming a new mom was the most exhilarating, exhausting, and intense journey I’d ever experienced. What I found I needed most was a sense of community, which is what this group offers. Meeting, learning from, and laughing with other new mothers helps turn an uncertain and potentially scary time into a shared adventure.”

And just yesterday I received this email from a mom who read my blog post on the crazy things that can happen when you are severely sleep deprived.

“Hey Heather, just read your hilarious post about your newborn experience with your son… I could have written that word-for-word! Here we are, 18th months on, and we’re planning number 2! Holy Cow! Well anyway, thanks for sharing and reminding me that we are not alone.”

As you can imagine, common themes arise during motherhood which we try to, in address in various ways (And guess what? They’re free!). Here are a few examples:

Sleep (or lack there of!) – This comes up so much that we offer free regular webinars by a top sleep coach, articles by parenting experts, as well as babybites produced sleep videos on both infant and toddler sleep.

Feeding and eating – Again we have a ton of great articles on feeding tips and also offer regular free teleclasses on such topics as “Picky Eaters.” (Feel free to sign up for our September one here).

Relationships – with spouses, partners, friends, mother in laws and even your own moms. We offer articles and videos on this too!

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General parenting advice – We offer regular free webinars on discipline as well as do a live radio show with top parenting experts as our guests. Here’s one of our favorite radio shows we did with world renowned expert, Hal Runkel talking about Scream Free Parenting.

Work/life balance – Many of our moms work so we offer a ton of great support such as videos by author Marsha Greenberg.

Potty Training – Yup, we have regular articles and free webinars on that too!

And more!

If you would like to become a babybites member and receive updates on all of our free webinars, teleclasses, radio shows and articles just sign up on the top of the page and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop!


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