Our next radio show 11/29: Effective Parenting for Parents of Advantaged Children

Come join us for our next internet radio show (listen live on computer or via phone) on Tuesday, November 29 at 1 – 2 p.m. ET.

First, we’ll have our panel discuss our topic of parenting financially advantaged children, and then you can join in the ‘lively’ conversation. If you can’t wait for the Q&A session, chime in anytime online in the chat room. We’ll be collecting your commentary and incorporating it into show. The bottom line is that we want to hear from you!

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Effective Parenting for Parents of Advantaged Children

This hour-long show will focus on effective parenting for parents of advantaged children. It is a topic specifically for financially comfortable parents of young and pre-teen children to address the latest findings that “teens from affluent, well-educated families are less happy, less confident, and prone to higher rates of depression and suicide attempts than are their less affluent counterparts.

Our guests will include Dr. Gramma Karen, our weekly blog columnist for Ask Dr. Gramma Karen, as well as a parenting coach with a focus on parents of advantaged children. Dr. Karen will help parents to understand their parenting practices and how to build, keep and change any of those practices to effectively parent their children.

Joining Dr. Gramma Karen is Dr. Christine Fernandez, a psychologist in private practice in Manhattan. She helps people to have better relationships both with themselves, in terms of self esteem and leading more fulfilling lives, and with others, in terms of romantic relationships. She will be discussing how different parenting methods by financially comfortable parents affect their children’s and teens’ emotional health.

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