Top 5 Organizing Tips for Parents

Neat toys It’s certainly not easy to maintain an organized and immaculate home when you have little ones around.

Running a household can get chaotic and overwhelming at times, and it may feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. But ah, it’s all the action that makes parenting so exciting and fulfilling, isn’t it?

Here are some tips for keeping your home organized even if you have children:

Make sure all kids toys have a “home.”

Cleanup can be relatively quick and seamless if everything can be returned to its proper place. Store loose toys in properly labeled clear plastic bins and group like-items together (puzzles stacked, books lined up on a shelf, art supplies collected). Take a few minutes at the end of the day – preferably with your child – to return everything back to its home.

Create an “outbox” for items that need to leave the house.

Designate an area by your front door (a few hooks, storage inside a bench, or a shelf at the bottom of a closet) to store objects that will be leaving your home in the next few days. Keep things like returns, bags for donation, or borrowed items there to ensure that they don’t get lost and fall through the cracks.

Establish a system for displaying/storing projects.

Set up a bulletin board where your children can immediately hang their newest projects and then send the old ones to trash when new projects come in. Create a binder with a few of the super-special creations that you want to hang on to. But don’t forget to keep the amount in check – a curated collection of projects creates something special and manageable.

Keep a running to-do list.

Compile all to-dos on one list and hang it in a central location. Keep the goals small and realistic by breaking larger goals (“Plan a family vacation”) into smaller, more attainable goals (“Book flights for family vacation,” “Write list of fun activities,” etc). Make sure you cross off items as you go – what a feeling!

Plan ahead.

Since anything can happen on the fly, do your best to plan ahead and avoid rushing last minute. Create a simple schedule for meals, keep activity bags packed and stored by the front door and lay out clothing ahead of time. You’ll thank yourself later.

Most importantly, though, is to enjoy your children and their mess. It’s okay to let things get out of hand as long as you can snap them back into place at the end of the day. Creating systems and routines will keep your household running smoothly and improve your overall mindset.

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Tidy Tova is a Professional Organizer based in NYC. She works one-on-one with her clients to help them gain control of their physical surroundings and live a less disoriented lifestyle. Tidy Tova is passionate about organization and hopes to make the world a tidier place. She works with all ages from 6 years old to the elderly. No job is too big or too small; you can’t scare her! For more tips and inspiration, follow her on FacebookInstagram or check out her blog. Let’s get tidy!

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