Hold On Handles: Never feel Out Handed again!

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Part I: THE SKINNY (in other words, what’s the product being reviewed, why is it different and why should I consider buying it?)

What are Hold On Handles? Hold On Handles are, “a simple way to keep your children within arm’s reach without restraining them with embarrassing leashes or harnesses. Hold-On Handles are designed to be versatile enough to attach to a stroller or to use solo as a walking rope. Children LOVE to hold on to the whimsical handles – and their new found independence.”

Where did the idea for Hold On Handles come from? Susanne and Robyn the co-founders, “were determined to create a walking rope for up to three children that could also act as a stroller accessory for just one child. So they designed a versatile, pragmatic product that performs in both capacities, but that’s attractive and fun so that kids want to hold on. After a year and a half of research and development, Susanne and Robyn’s Greater Than One Kids company launched Hold-On Handles at the 2010 ABC Kids Expo to great acclaim.”

Any other cool facts moms should know about? The founders were over the moon when their product was featured in US Weekly stating that Sarah Jessica Parker uses Hold On Handles with her twins when walking down the busy streets of NYC. Who would have thought this would be “Carrie Bradshaw’s” new accessory?!

Part II: THE REVIEW* (In other words, what does an every day person NOT affiliated with the company think of the product?):

Review by Jaymee Kruysman

No one said having children was an easy task and certainly, shopping with them is no walk in the park either. Thankfully, Greater Than One Kids created the Hold-On Handles. Hold-On Handles were designed to teach toddlers to stay within an arms reach. Hold-On Handles allow the child to have their freedom as well as allowing the parent to feel safe while doing so.

Hold On Handles simply attach to either a stroller or belt loop and the child can “hold on”. The length of the handle is about 18 inches long and can be adjusted. They also come in a variety of adorable designs. The designs you can choose from are a bumblebee, spider, ladybug and butterfly. Hold-On Handles range from $10.99- $27.99, depending on the number of handles you need. The quality of this product is great; the handle itself is made out of durable plastic and the strap is strong and durable as well.

To test this product, I strapped on my walking shoes and headed into town. I had a 3 year old holding on and a stroller full of grocery bags. To my surprise, the baby loved holding on! It allowed him to walk a little on his own, but also stay with me. If he did let go, I heard the sound of the handle hitting the stroller. I thought that this would make his hand smell from walking and holding on so I whipped out my Purell. To my surprise, there was no smell. Just the handle was covered in Dunkin Donutes sprinkles. Hold-On handles are machine washable and a truly brilliant invention. Get your walking shoes on ladies, its time to put Hold-On Handles to work and hit the mall!

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