What You Need to Know about Taking Your Nanny on Vacation

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We can all agree that having a nanny is a luxury. Bringing your nanny on a summer vacation – whether it’s for a long week away, for a summer in the Berkshires or the Hamptons, or even for the stay-cation at home – really is a gift. Good nannies know when to stick around and when to take some time off; they understand when it is pure family time.

The key to every relationship, including that of family and childcare provider, is open communication. Vacation is a time to enjoy family and also can be a time to enjoy alone time with our husbands and friends; this latter part is when nannies save the day (or night, so mom and dad can have a night out).

What can nannies do this summer on vacation with the kids?

Water activities and safety

Having the nanny take the kids swimming and to the beach is a great activity for the children and affords mom and dad and little R and R, to just sit and relax. The nanny should be CPR certified (and this is something that should be asked when hiring a child care provider).

If you love a potential nanny and she/he isn’t CPR certified, it’s worth investing in a class for this new hire, for peace of mind. This is the person who will be looking after your most prized possession.

There are so many activities that nanny and kids can enjoy together on a beach vacation

Looking for shells, building sandcastles, burying each other in the sand is timeless. A picnic on the beach is a fabulous way to engage kids in healthy eating and actually becomes part of an activity, as the nanny can promote her charges to help prepare a lunch basket for beautiful day out in the sun and surf. Away for a week at hotel? Nanny and kids can go through the menu together and still create a yummy and healthy lunch box for the beach.

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Yoga and meditation

These activities are a part of many of the bigger hotel chains’ on-site offerings, as the de-stressing industry grows in leaps and bounds. Families may join right in – it’s not just for the yoga aficionado. For those not staying at a resort, yoga is a great activity to do with the kids on the beach, at the pool, in the backyard or even in the living room as a rainy day activity.

Some nannies are even certified yoga teachers – another background question parents can ask on nanny interviews. Childcare professionals come from varied backgrounds, which can offer some wonderful life experience to share with the kids.

Nanny can apply kids’ interests

For example… taking phone selfies and suggest a photo shoot on a beautiful day. Instead of taking shots of themselves, they can take pictures of gorgeous foliage, flowers, and animals. Nanny can turn this into a field trip, walking, exploring and seeking out perfect photo opportunities. And of course, a simple morning at the park playing with other children is a classic activity that everyone appreciates.

Are your kids budding entrepreneurs or philanthropists?

They can host a lemonade stand with the nanny and perhaps choose a charity together (with mom and dad’s permission) to which to donate the proceeds. If they have something special that they would like purchase for themselves, then working and earning money is also a great values lesson here.

Kids get excited when working towards something on their own and reaching the goal. Nannies are perfect for encouraging them to stick with it.

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What if it’s a rainy summer or vacation week?

Or maybe you’ve all had enough sun and need a little time indoors. Art projects like painting shells or making shell necklaces are wonderful indoor activities that keep younger kids engaged and inspire creativity. In fact, they can use their stunning shots from their outdoor photo shoot day to create a photo collage, another fun art project.

Another interesting indoor activity is cooking. Many nannies are excellent cooks and can share their expertise with the kids and even design a menu for everyone to prepare together. Perhaps the kids can invite a few friends over for a real cooking class experience.

Last but not least, if it’s a stay-at-home summer vacation, there are always excellent classes at the local library that your nanny and kids can all enjoy together.

Many families contemplate not bringing their nannies on vacation, feeling that it should be ‘alone’ family time. But, often, it creates havoc, not letting anyone really relax. Families should have a true vacation, not just a change in scenery. If you have a nanny who is a good fit for the whole family, vacationing will be seamless and it will become a vacation for all.

Nicole Levinson founded Nanny Solutions with a different approach to domestic staffing; A great fit for the whole family. A great match everyone means who seamless fit for the nanny into the family culture.

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