We’re Now Mommybites!

Hi, Everyone,

In case you missed our big announcement on Monday…

We’re now Mommybites! After six years of growing with you and your babies/kiddies, we decided it was time to also grow as a company to accommodate everyone in our mom community. We have expanded our website to offer support, education and resources on a national basis. Don’t worry, we still provide all of your favorite events, support groups and online education; but now, with our updated website it is a lot easier to find the information and services most relevant to you. If you’re getting this email, there’s no need to sign up for Mommybites (we’ve done that for you already). However, even if you are receiving this email, to view the contact information for the nannies and reference providers on our infamous Nanny board you will need to fill out our new Join Now form.


Heather Ouida

Mommybites Co-Founder
[email protected]
Facbook: www.facebook.com/mommybites
Twitter: www.twitter.com/mommybites