Car Safety for Expectant & New Moms: Momcast Re-cap

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Last week Mommybites held a very important momcast on car safety for expectant and new moms.

We had the opportunity to speak with Greg Durocher, the founder and CEO of Safe Ride 4 Kids as well as a fireman of 18 years, paramedic of 10 years, and Child Passenger Safety Technician Instructor since 2001.

Greg opened our Momcast by explaining the importance of wearing a seatbelt properly when pregnant.

He introduced our listeners to the Tummy Shield which is a maternity seat belt positioner.

Greg continued on about what do look for in a car seats and tips on how to buy the best car seat for your family.

He touched on car seat placement as well as crash test standards. He explained to our listeners that consumers should look for brand name car seats and be weary of any counterfeit seats.

Finally, Greg discussed the most common car seat mistakes.

He reviewed the LATCH system and why it is important to seek out a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician.  We know that every parent wants to keep their child safe in the car, but there is so much to learn about car seat safety. Therefore, in case you missed this important Momcast, you can listen to the re-play of the Momcast here.

Safe Ride 4 Kids has a tremendous blog that covers almost every topic related to car seat safety.  To reach their blog, click here.

Greg from Safe Ride 4 Kids suggests you take advantage of the many car seat safety resources listed below:

  • To locate a child passenger safety technician or car seat check event in your area, click here.
  • For tips on safe driving while pregnant, click here.
  • To review pregnancy seatbelt positioners and the Tummy Shield, click here.
  • For tips on purchasing the right car seat to fit your needs, click here.
  • If you are interested in purchasing a coat to fit around a car seat, click here.

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