Readers’ Comments: Impacts of the Election on Family Relationships

Many readers responded to my column, Impacts of the Election on Family Relationships. Although I focused primarily on family relationships, many readers report that the presidential election affects non-familial relationships as well. For example, one reader writes: “Someone posted this comment on your column [referenced above]: ‘Just experienced a “it’s better if we don’t talk” […]

Ask Dr. Gramma Karen: Impacts of the Election on Family Relationships

This is an unabridged version of my column that will be published in the March/April issue of GRAND Magazine. Prior to the presidential election I wrote two columns on how the presidential campaign was impacting family relationships: (1) “Grandparents’ Political Rants Are Upsetting;” (2) “Readers’ Responses to Grandparents’ Political Rants.” Post-election, many readers who did […]

Celebrate Breastfeeding Awareness Month This August

We are so excited to announce that Mommybites was selected by LatchPal as a top breastfeeding resource! Breastfeeding Awareness Month is in August, and to show support we are celebrating with a big BAM Giveaway with LatchPal & Friends! Get your FREE guide with all the top nursing brands with exclusive deals and resources – […]

New Resource for Parents: BIBB Magazine

As you know Mommybites is the go-to community for quality parenting resources, support and education so when we met the BIBB Magazine team during the ABC Kids Expo…and then saw their beautiful magazine, we just had to share with you! Built by entrepreneurs and fueled by a passion for working with baby and kids brands, […]

Olympics Family Fun

Not to sound cliché, but what I love most about the Olympics is that it’s truly “good ol’ fashioned family fun.” When much of what our country currently sees on TV is violent or reality-ridden, it’s refreshing to watch dedicated, hardworking and talented people pursue their dreams. When was the last time there was something […]

Create Your Own Backyard Olympics

This month, the Olympics will bring a multitude of sports to our living rooms, that with some imagination and creativity, we as parents can bring to our kids on a smaller scale. Here are just a few ideas of how you can create a memorable Backyard Olympics for your children.

Helping Children When Disaster and Violence Occur

In light of the recent Colorado shootings, we thought it would be helpful to provide parents with some useful guidelines on how to talk with their children when public tragedies such as this occur. Thank you to Dr. Gerard Costa, PhD, at Montclair State University’s College of Education and Human Services, Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental […]