Olympics Family Fun

Not to sound cliché, but what I love most about the Olympics is that it’s truly “good ol’ fashioned family fun.” When much of what our country currently sees on TV is violent or reality-ridden, it’s refreshing to watch dedicated, hardworking and talented people pursue their dreams. When was the last time there was something on that captivated people of all ages?

Over the weekend, we had all the cousins over to watch the U.S. women’s soccer. Children as young as five, and adults up to my parents’ age, all cheered together (and I loved that all the boy cousins saw some seriously talented women play some seriously skilled soccer!)

One of my favorite memories so far occurred when my friend’s family came over to watch the opening ceremonies. Well, my friend’s husband happens to be Olympian and 1992 diving silver medalist, Scott Donnie, who wrote a wonderful blog for us last week on enjoying the Olympics with your children. Imagine our surprise and joy when he humbly asked if –since it was opening night- we’d like to see his medal? How’s that for kicking off the Olympics?!

Here’s to all our past and present Olympic athletes and role models.

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