8 Unique Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby

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As you care for your newborn, you begin to recognize what their cries mean. You develop a sense for when the baby is sleepy, hungry, gassy, sick or in need of a new diaper. But sometimes you can’t console them, no matter how much you try.

When you can’t figure out what’s upsetting them, it’s concerning. You desperately want to help them return to the happy, healthy baby you know. After you test out every trick you know to soothe fussy newborns, you need out-of-the-box thinking.

Creative techniques can comfort your little one and stop their cries. With surprisingly simple methods, you can alleviate your baby’s distress and reach peace yourself. Check out these eight unique ways to soothe a crying baby.

1. Perform a Baby Massage

A parent’s touch can calm an upset baby, and what better way to connect with your child than with an infant massage? If your baby is gassy or colicky, you can ease their symptoms with a comforting rub. You can use a cold-pressed oil that’s gentle on the baby’s skin.

First, find a cozy and safe place to lay your baby down. Begin rhythmically stroking your baby’s tummy in circular motions, then move to their legs and back. Identify what your baby positively responds to and focus on that part of their body.

2. Do Soothing Shushes

While your baby was in the womb, they didn’t have a completely silent environment. Your womb had subtle, warbling sounds, and if you mimic these, you can make your baby feel right at home again. Shushing is the closest noise you can make to the whooshing they once heard.

Even in utero, a baby reacts to its mother’s voice, although it was muffled at the time. So try imitating a steady shush to establish a feeling of security and belonging for your baby.

3. Play Gentle Music

Pleasant music can distract a baby and bring them to a content state. Consistent sounds can effectively reduce tension and change a baby’s frantic state. Tunes that grab their attention and fascinate them can decrease their cries.

Different peaceful instruments can pacify babies, like wind chimes. Wind chimes with deeper vibrations can relax an upset baby until it falls asleep. Play gentle sounds to soothe a newborn and consider hanging a musical mobile above their crib.

4. Swaddle Them

A tight position can bring extra reassurance for a baby. Snuggly wrap your baby in a breathable blanket, and remember to secure their arms one over the other on the abdomen.

Your child might startle themselves or break free from the swaddle in their sleep, so don’t bundle it too loose. Also, take the right precautions to avoid an overly warm condition for the baby.

5. Swivel Them Back and Forth

Safe movement can create a beneficial atmosphere for an agitated newborn. If you firmly hold your baby near your body and swivel your abdomen, you can contribute a helpful motion to stop tears from flowing.

They can rest in your strong arms as you swivel them around. This rocking motion allows them to depend on you and settle down.

6. Give a Warm Bath

As babies get cold easily, a warm bath can help boost their mood and ease their crying. Plus, if they’re crying due to discomfort from gas, the bath can take away their aches.

Whether you’re using a baby bathtub or the sink, start out by filling it with a little water. Choose a safe temperature, then go section by section to softly bathe your baby. At the end, pat them dry with a towel to finish up a calming bathtime experience.

7. Draw Them Close in a Sling

The warmth of a parent’s body can reduce restlessness and quiet a baby down. Put on a baby sling or carrier to establish contact and create a close environment for your child.

Tuck your baby against your heart so they can fully feel your presence. When they’re compressed against you, the crying can subside and set you both on a path to serenity.

8. Pump Their Legs

When gas is bothering your infant, peddling their legs can get the gas through their system faster. You can place the baby on their back with a clear view of your face, then take his feet in your hands. Pump their legs in a small bicycling motion for a few minutes, unless the baby resists or the crying increases.

Calm Your Crying Baby

When your child is distressed, you want to provide a quick and easy solution. But oftentimes, it takes unique ways to comfort a baby and ease their crying. Soothe your baby with careful attention and creative techniques.

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