Airborne Dangers: How Air Quality Impacts Your Child’s Health


Poor air quality can have profound health effects, especially when children are involved. These conditions can range from conditions like asthma to developmental conditions such as a heightened risk for autism.

By understanding the risks associated with poor air quality, you can understand just how important it is to control your air pollution while providing clean air for your child while he or she resides within your home.

The effects of air quality on humans
Poor air quality has been repeatedly linked to the development of respiratory conditions. The World Health Organization states air pollution has been linked to asthma, heart disease, lung cancer, and other chronic and acute respiratory conditions.

These problems affect developed and developing countries alike. The effects of poor air quality tend to be concentrated in areas where pollution naturally collects or where there is an abundance of pollution producers, such as automobiles and fuel-burning areas.

The vulnerability of children
The problem with reduced quality becomes greater when children are involved. They tend to have weaker immune systems due to the fact that their immune systems are still developing along with their bodies.

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This puts them at a significantly greater risk for developing health conditions associated with poor air quality. Some pollutants that may be little more than irritants to adults may impose numerous negative conditions on children.

Understanding how poor air quality affects children
When children are repeatedly exposed to poor air conditions as they grow, they are at a greater risk to develop lifelong conditions. Chronic respiratory conditions such as asthma can develop with identifiable symptoms.

Other conditions, such as heart disease and lung cancer, take longer to develop. These conditions may not be detected until the child reaches the age of twenty to fifty, and they tend to be catastrophic when these symptoms do emerge.

The positive effects of a healthy environment
Where poor air quality can act as a detriment to children, healthy air can encourage a strengthened body in growing children while helping to repair the damage that polluted air can inflict upon the body.

Something as simple as a humidifier or a quality air filter for your HVAC system, both of which are available from stores like Sears, can remove contaminants from the surrounding environment of your home. This can allow your child’s body to repair itself while reducing the severity of conditions like asthma that may already be present.

Clean air can also help your child focus on homework, study and even exercise. This facilitates a sound mind and a healthy body, which in turn helps your child become more successful in life.

Keeping your child safe from airborne dangers
While there is little you can do to shield your child from the airborne dangers that pollutants outside can pose, you can control the environment of your home. Purifiers, humidifiers, high quality filters and other items remove contaminants from your home while allowing your child to breathe.

Healthy air supports a child’s healthy development while allowing his or her body to repair the damage they may experience from exposure to the outside air. By facilitating clean air in your home now, you may help your child avoid problems later.

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