How do I help a choking child?

You asked and you shall now receive. It’s only fair for us to share all of this stored up knowledge about a toddlers and what happens when they start toddling (and talking)! We now will answer, in a very public forum, all of those burning questions about children in their second year. Each Wednesday, we will tackle a commonly-asked-question from the point of view of a parent with a toddler. Chiming in to give her feedback will be an expert who has been there and done that. Earmark, share and add your own input to today’s question; it’s good karma.

How do I help a choking child?

The most important way to help your baby or toddler if they are choking is to follow the universal protocol of check-call-care. Check to see if the area is safe and take any safety precautions you can to make sure neither you or the child is in danger. Call 911 or have someone near you call 911. Care by assessing the situation and trying to dislodge the item from the child’s throat with back blows or chest thrusts.

Everyone who cares for a child should take an infant/toddler/child CPR class each year. It is important knowledge that hopefully you will never have to use!

Here is a YouTube video with some fast, helpful information:

You can always contact your local Red Cross to find out more information about taking a local CPR class.

About our expert-

Marsha Greenberg is a therapist in New York City. She is the author of the newly released book, Raising Your Toddler, by Globe Pequot Press. She has masters degrees in Child and Family Development and Social Work from the University of Michigan. As the Director of the Health Systems Child Care Program for over 14 years, she was responsible for over 250 children between the ages of 6 weeks and 6 years of age. Marsha teaches in the Early Childhood Special Education department at NYU and has a private psychotherapy practice in NYC. Marsha is the mother of three grown sons and has three grandsons (aged 4 and 18 months and 4 months) with a new grandchild on the way.

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