Mom Moments Frozen in Time

One of my favorite pictures of my son and me was taken right after his nap, with him snuggling on my lap. Neither of us knew that the picture was being taken, but every time I look at that photo I think of how peaceful and content we both look. I literally want to drink in that moment.

I recently came across a blog that was posted on our Boston site, by Nikki Bruno Clapper, that reminded me of that photo – of that “moment in time”:

This mom was sitting on a bench, her little boy in her lap, and both were gazing calmly and curiously at whatever went by. They didn’t seem to be waiting for anything or anyone. It was just time to pause. I took my cue. I paused. And it struck me that I was connected to this woman, for the single reason that I am a mother too. I shared her moment of peace. I felt the warmth of her son on her lap. I smelled his hair and related to the unconscious way she stroked it. We were connected without having to speak a word—or even to make eye contact.

Here’s to the moments of nothingness that connect all moms – just a child on his mama’s lap with no place special to go.

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