This Is How to Choose Nursery Colors to Create a Soothing Environment

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Pay close attention to your nursery in order to keep your baby’s temperament calm, yet happy. The colors you choose for your baby’s room defines the mood and ambiance of the nursery. Colors can stimulate or soothe the senses of your baby (and you), so the color choice plays a huge role in making a tranquil place for your baby to rest.

Customize with Blinds

Create a custom look in your nursery by selecting blinds for the windows. Not only do blinds add a touch of elegance and style to the room, they also block out sunlight that can affect nap time. You can select window blinds to coordinate with your color scheme from a quality retailer. There is a wide a variety of blind styles and colors, and you can often request samples to take home to ensure they are a perfect match for your nursery. Roman blinds can add a unique feel to any room, especially your baby’s nursery.

Wall Color Can Affect Your Baby’s Mood

If you can’t decide on a color for your nursery, suggests that you visit online paint and hardware stores that offer interactive programs allowing you to upload a photo of your nursery to select different paint colors on the virtual walls. This allows you to see what might be the perfect fit for your original design needs.

Some of the most popular color schemes for creating a soothing nursery are listed below. Choose your favorite, or consider a combination of colors, to create the perfect dream nursery with a few of these popular themes:

  • Traditional Boy Nursery Colors. The most traditional color for a boy’s room is blue. There are many shades of blue to choose from to promote a peaceful setting in your nursery. From powder blue to royal blue to navy, blue is considered a soothing color. It can add relaxation and keep with tradition.
  • Traditional Girl Nursery Colors. The most traditional choice for a little girl is pink, which is also a calming color. You can be as bold or subtle as you would like with this popular feminine color. If you are looking for a feminine color but don’t want to go with the traditional pink, lilac is new contemporary choice for baby girls that is very trendy. Depending on the shade, purple can inspire creativity and promote rest.
  • Neutral Colors. If you want to shy away from the tradition, a neutral tone will work well, especially if you are planning to have more children in the future that may use the nursery. Choose cream, beige or lighter shades of yellow and green as a calming base for your walls leaving room to add splashes of accented colors for depth and design.
  • Black and White. You might not think black and white would be a good mix for a nursery but a newborn baby has limited color perception and can only see colors that are in high contrast to each other. Adding a touch of black to a colored wall can open up a room and give it more depth.

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Other Tips for Wall Decoration

When using more than one paint color, always stay within the same color spectrum. If you choose blue, there should be a lighter and darker shade of that color. And, if your nursery has a chair rail, the larger half of the wall should be painted with the main color and the smaller section should utilize the secondary color. By having a two-toned paint scheme, you can promote energy, while keeping the feeling of the room soothing.

Matching Accessories

Many people choose a paint color based on the colors that are prevalent in the bedding or accessories they have chosen. Whether you select a paint color based on a themed room or decide to keep it simple, select colors you like, too. You will be spending a lot of time in that room.

Choosing the perfect color scheme for a soothing room can be a fun and exciting experience! Relax and enjoy this time in your life and most importantly, have some fun with it.

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