What Will They Remember?

As some of you may know our lovely social media director, Wendy Bradford, also writes for her own blog Mama One To Three and guest writes for the Huffington Post. I would like to share a few passages from one of her blogs called What Will They Remember, that I hope you enjoy as much as I did:

I hope they remember that we play stickers and cars on the living room floor. I hope they remember I love squeezing them. I hope I smile more than I scowl. That I sing more than I curse. And that they remember I was happy to see them most mornings – their crazy bed hair and missing pajama bottoms. If they remember we were often out of milk or their favorite cereal, I hope they remember I made Mickey Mouse out of waffles, gave them juice sometimes just because they asked and that I sat with them at breakfast drinking my coffee with the moon still outside the window. I hope I remember to keep pushing myself to make their memories sweeter, to look up from my phone when Molly wants to show me a picture, to describe my heart directly to them and not only when I write. Because one day, for all of us, it will be too late for new ones. And they will remember.

Here’s to hoping they remember – and when they do that it makes them smile.

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