5 Tips for a “Smart Playroom”

By: Karri Bowen-Poole and Dale Oberlander, two educators who developed Smart Playrooms & who recognize that when children are engaged in a productive and organized play environment they learn and grow naturally.

  1. Remember that PLAY is important to a child’s intellectual growth. Children develop a sense of competence and leadership when you reinforce and value their play activities – including clean-up.
  2. Less is more. We find time and time again that children play more productively and creatively when their resources are limited.
  3. Rotate the toys and materials. This will help keep the kids interested in the same toys and materials without buying more.
  4. Purchase open-ended toys and materials that will grow with your children. Blocks, animals and people are some examples of a good long-term investment.
  5. Label your children’s toys and materials so their play is more productive and the playroom is more organized.

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