Coin Collecting for Kids: How to Get Your Kids Started

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Everyone has a hobby they enjoy and for some people, that hobby is coin collecting. There’s nothing like the thrill of finding a rare collectable or adding it to the space in your collection that’s collected dust for a long time.

It’s a hobby parents can pass on and share with their kids, but only if those kids are interested. The challenge is finding a way to spark that interest. Kids love toys and games, not shiny coins or ancient relics.

If you hope to pass the years collecting coins with your kids, read these tips for getting your kids started in coin collecting. With the right first steps and a little patience, you’ll soon marvel at both of your collections and share a beloved hobby.

Point Out State Quarters

Young kids learn about money when they watch their parents pay for things at the grocery store and the gas station. It’s the only time when they come into contact with coins since they don’t have money for their own purchases.

After you receive change, get your kids interested in quarters by pointing out the states on the back of each one. Show how they’re different, let the kids feel them and talk about all the places those coins have probably been spent. It will spark their imagination and make them more fascinated with the story behind coins, which is the first step.

If you have an extensive collection of your own, show them the contents after they’ve learned about ordinary quarters. That will make your collection more valuable to them and inspire them to build their own.

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Travel to a Coin Show

After a while, kids get bored of looking at or doing the same thing. No matter how extensive your coin collection is, it won’t impress them forever. Eventually, they’ll need to see other kinds of coins to better understand the vast world of collecting.

When they get old enough to appreciate a collection, travel to a coin show so they can meet with other collectors and see different types of coins. You may not be able to get a coin or two to start their collection, but it’s a great opportunity for them to see that coin collections are popular well outside of your home.

Explain the Coin Collecting Terminology

Kids who have grown up with a special interest in coins are more likely to collect them, but not if there’s a language barrier standing in their way. Once your kids are ready to jump into coin collecting, it’s time to explain the important terminology that will help them navigate the collecting world.

Understanding the difference between coins made from nickel and tin alloys will save them from one day purchasing a coin for more than it’s worth. They’ll know to look for coins that have passed their assay and check for die cracks before bringing anything home. This education sets them up for success that will be crucial to establishing and growing their coin collection.

Meet With a Coin Dealer

Older kids have to learn how to tell good and bad coin dealers apart. If you’ve been collecting for a while, you might know a professional you trust, which gives you an extra hand in teaching your kids. If you don’t know anyone, don’t worry. Sit down with your kids and find a verified numismatist that you can all meet. Talk with your kids about what makes a coin dealer reliable, like finding out what they specialize in, if they have a physical shop or if they work with a partner.

Make It Fun

Before kids get interested in the history behind the coins they come across, they need something to make the process fun. Fascinate them with stories of each coin, talk about how they’re made and possibly even take your kids to tour a mint. It’s perfect to introduce kids to coin collecting –  not only because they’re looking for more indoor activities as the weather becomes colder, but collectable coins would make a perfect holiday gift for children who are interested in the activity. The more memories you make together, the more they’ll cherish the art of coin collecting.

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