Netflix Redesigns Kids’ Profiles to Be More Kid-Friendly

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Streaming services are a massive source of modern entertainment. They’re available on the go or at home, which makes them an excellent resource for kids. Little ones can watch their favorite shows whenever they need a distraction or something to pass the time, but are those platforms easy for them to use? Netflix redesigned kids’ profiles to be more kid-friendly just for that purpose.

These are a few ways that the latest update makes it easier for children to navigate the website. Parents won’t need to worry about swiping through shows because Netflix now caters to children of all ages.

Characters Appear on Homepages

Young kids won’t have the patience or understanding to sort through an endless homepage of movie genres or trending shows. After the new Netflix update, they won’t have to feel confused anymore. Characters from kids shows appear on the homepage so each show is easily recognizable.

When children see these characters, they’ll remember storylines from recent episodes. Those storylines often teach valuable life lessons that help kids grow, like demonstrating inclusivity or teamwork. Reminding them about how the characters taught them these skills may reaffirm the lessons so kids can use them in real-life situations.

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Kids Have a New Favorites Row

Your child’s Netflix account will also have a new Favorites row at the top of their homepage. If they watch a show or movie once, the main character will appear with the show’s image above the browsing lists. Kids won’t have to read titles to recognize what they love to watch, making Netflix more inclusive for children who have common reading disabilities like dyslexia or haven’t learned how to read yet.

Some parents may worry that becoming more familiar with a streaming service will negatively impact their child’s development. However, with the way Netflix is redesigning their children’s profiles, parents may feel less concerned about being in the same room as their child, watching over them. If kids know how to click on content they’ve watched before, they may pick up on important lessons and perhaps improve their reading with subtitles if parents set them up.

A Favorites row teaches independence and encourages a child’s development, so it’s a crucial part of the new Netflix update that parents can embrace alongside their kids.

Colors Are More Vivid

While teenagers and adults may click on shows with darker colors and mysterious filters, kids aren’t interested in that. They’re drawn to vivid colors because children see bright colors easier while their vision develops. The eye-catching hues grab their attention and stimulate their brain. 

Netflix used their new profile update to work with a child’s current mindset to give them more from their time on the site. By keeping kids engaged, they’ll get more from whatever content they prefer.

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Netflix Is More Kid-Friendly  

Kids use technology for everything, so it should tailor to their interests and needs. Netflix has done just that by introducing a Favorites row with characters and brighter colors. Children will learn important lessons and skills on a website made for their needs, encouraging their development even while they’re having fun.

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