Valentine’s Cherubs

When you’re in preschool and you look down at your little desk and see a pile of pink and red Valentine’s Day cards from all the people in your class, you think, “It just can’t get any better than this!”

Until you’re in grammar school and that one special person you’ve had a “crush” on gives you and only you a Valentine’s Day card.

Until you’re in high school and the “one you just know you’ll end up with forever” gives you a red heart box filled with chocolates and a sweet kiss that you wish would last forever.

Until the one you actually DO marry gives you a card that says you’ll be together until the end of time.

Until you have a child who says, “I love you” – and it is at this moment (and every moment when they utter those words) that you realize it truly cannot get any better than this.

Here’s to a very Happy Valentine’s Day filled with the best kind of kisses – the wet, juicy ones given by your sweet faced little cherubs.

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