Fun Kids’ Easter Activities You Can Do While Social Distancing

Fun Kids’ Easter Activities You Can Do While Social Distancing

Easter is around the corner and things are looking very different for our children this year! In addition to our kiddosbeing concerned that the Easter Bunny will not be delivering eggs because of social distancing, a lot of their regular traditions are going to be disrupted. This year might just be the time to create a few new traditions and test out some new activities.


Children love baking, and if you can get your hands of baking supplies, it’s a great way to spend time together with delicious outcomes. Not great in the kitchen and don’t love baking? I can relate. Instead, I have ordered cookie decorating kits from local bakeries who have set up delivery programs. This allows me to have some fun with the kidsand supportlocal business!

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Crafts, crafts and more crafts!

I know we are all staying home, and hopefully you loaded up on your craft supplies before we started practicing physical distancing. There are some great ideas and websites where you can get great craft ideas. Be sure to check out The Best Ideas for Kids, Evie’s Learning Library and Recycle and Replay for fun (and easy) crafts.

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A Neighborhood Easter Egg hunt

Every year I organize a giant Easter egg hunt with hundreds of neighborhood kids at our local park. Although I’ve cancelled that, we’re doing an egg hunt with a twist this year. Instead of gathering to hunt for chocolate eggs together, all the families are going to draw or paint a picture of an Easter Egg and hang it in their front windows. We have organized a schedule so kids can go around and see all the Easter Eggs in the windows while also physical distancing. It’s a great activity that involves the community, an art project and a healthy walk in the fresh air.

These are certainly trying times for families with small children. With a bit of creativity, a sense of humor and a whole lot of patience, we can get through the Easter season and make new and different memories together!

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