Forty, Wiser and Happier

I recently turned 40. Yup – that’s right, I said it. Now, I am normally one of those people that likes celebrating my birthday. In college I actually threw myself a “surprise” 21st party. Don’t ask – let’s just say there was a tiara involved, flavored vodka, edible candy necklaces… you get the point.

But for some reason, my 40th just felt too “big” a milestone to attempt to celebrate with a traditional party. So I celebrated by doing the things I love most: yoga, a morning movie with my husband (did you know you could go to the movies in Manhattan as early as 10 AM!?), birthday cake with my family (with TWO full cans of chocolate frosting, just as any proper cake should be made) and dinner with close friends.

Here’s to being older, wiser, happier and to all those really great thick foundations on the market that even out “aging skin” (well, that and soft lighting).

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