The House vs. The Town: Which Matters MOST?

Mixed Race Young Family Looking At Beautiful New Home.Since you first started imagining life in suburbia, you no doubt started picturing your “dream house.” Maybe it’s a vision you’ve been kicking around for years, or maybe it’s just now starting to take shape. Either way, it’s getting clearer and clearer by the day – the perfect backyard, a big master suite, an amazing playroom for the kids…

Sound familiar?

And you’re right to get excited about finding The House. You and your family are going to make endless memories there—all the holidays, all the firsts, and all the changes that come with life in suburbia. But there’s something that, believe it or not, might matter even more than finding the right house. That something? The Town.

Why The Town Matters

So why is finding the right suburb even more important than finding the right house? For lots of reasons.

#1. You Can Always Change the House—The Town, Not So Much…

Don’t like your kitchen? Renovate it. Backyard needs a little TLC? Hire a landscaper. Need an update? Bring in a decorator. There’s virtually nothing that can’t be changed about your house. And that means as your family grows and your tastes and needs shift, that house can be adapted, altered and refurbished accordingly.

But your town? Unless there’s some seismic shift, the culture, personality, and overall vibe of the community are what they are. If that syncs up with your family and your lifestyle, great. If not, you’ll be trying to fit a square peg in a round hole for years or even decades to come—or, until you eventually decide to try again in another ‘burb. And that’s never fun.

#2. Life Happens In The Home—AND Out.

While you’re going to make endless memories in your new home, you’re going to have equally amazing moments outside of it. Think about it – the soccer tournaments, the school plays, the bake sales, the 4th of July fireworks, the block parties. Those moments can’t be replicated and they all hinge on the town and, more specifically, the people who live in that town.

Find the right fit and you’ll have a much easier time building a day-to-day routine—and really, a life – for you and your family. Are the people in town comprised of all finance types or is it a town of creative folk? Are you at lacrosse tournaments all day long or is there a big performing arts presence? Are the moms all staying home or are they all working parents? Is it a daycare town or a live-in nanny town?

All of these things fall into the equation of what makes families happy – and, most importantly, are all things that cannot be determined simply by looking at a home! Look outside for helpful hints.

#3. Your Kids are Unique

The final reason to put the town first? Because, let’s face it, your kids are unique. They have unique interests, passions and skills (or will soon enough!). And, through that lens, not all towns are created equal. If you’ve got a budding athlete, artist, musician, thespian or academic on your hands, you want to be in a community that will help drive their journey and not one they will struggle against to “fit in.”

After all, it isn’t all about the actual facilities for these things, but the personality of the town and how supportive it is of your kids (and your) endeavors! It’s good for them, it’s good for their futures and in the short term, it’s good for helping them make friendships and adjusting to their new community. A house simply can’t compete.

And once you’ve found the town? Then it’s time to find The House – because, let’s face it, that’s really important, too!

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