Business Basics: How I Discovered My Passion & Made it Into a Living!

By Jennifer Goldberg, mom, writer & editor of The Cultured Bohemian

I have to be honest, moving out to the NJ suburbs after 12 years in NYC left me with a severe case of culture shock. The first few weeks we lived in our new house were scarier than any NYC cab ride. I didn’t know one thing about owning a house and it showed. I missed doormen, 24-hour pharmacies, good Chinese (Italian, Mexican, my list can go on) food delivery and Broadway.

We moved to Summit, NJ about six years ago BK (that is Before Kids). I commuted into the city to my writing job a few days a week and little by little phased that commute out entirely after I had my first child, Allison. A few years later came Jack and I’m still writing, but freelance work is not very prolific these days.

For my own sanity and well being I have to work. My children are my priority and we don’t have family nearby to pinch in, so I have found a way to have a very flexible work schedule. I always wanted to be a writer and I have been professionally writing for 20 years for various companies.

I now have a chance to be an author but first I have to do a little research on my subject and blog about it. I get to immerse myself in something that I always have enjoyed doing and now I can do it and truly say it is research.

The subject is shopping. Have I gotten your attention? Yes, I have to admit I enjoy it. But not just shopping at malls or stores. My kind of shopping combines history, archaeology and of course a good bargain. I explore garage sales, estate sales, rummage sales, flea markets, consignment shops, and everything in between. The reason I also love garage/estate sales is because you will never know what you’ll find: from beautiful furniture at amazing prices to brand new kids clothes and toys and even a bicycle or two. My best kids’ find to date is a Power Wheels Jeep Enforcer for $20! Yes, I had to buy a new battery and charger, but I got the jeep for a fraction of the retail cost. Even though it’s used, Power Wheels are made very well and last quite a long time. My jeep works great and it’s from 1995!

I started my blog and business from scratch. I just had an interest in antiques and vintage everything and combined that with my love of writing and a desire to make a living. I’m very happy to say my blog, The Cultured Bohemian: Garage Sale Glee, is taking on a life of its own. I now have several different opportunities to make money and through this regular blog column for babybites I will share how I do it because if I can do it, you can do it too!

In addition to telling you how I created the blog, I’ll give you tips about starting your own business and bring you along on my professional journey too. Maybe you can discover your passion like I have. Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments!

Until next week,