13 of Our Favorite Funny Parenting Memes on Instagram

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Hi, parents! We know that having kids can be the toughest and funniest job in the world. Your little ones and your significant others say and do the most entertaining (and occasionally infuriating!) things. Here are 13 memes that all parents can relate to!

1. The Independent Toddler

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*schedules eye exam for 4yo*

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2. How Does Such a Small Human Take Up All This Space?!

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Only 20% of my body is on the bed so I'm assuming the other 80% is somehow levitating. Note to self, look into magician job opportunities… . Follow my very funny friend @stellaonmymind for more great stuff!

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3. My Kid Manages to Get Into EVERYTHING While I’m Not Looking!


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4. Our Fridge Has Become The MOMA


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5. Does ANYONE Listen to What I Say?

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Story of my life! (Via @LurkAtHomeMom on Twitter)

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6. Our Kid Won’t Eat Food But He’ll Put Everything In His Mouth


Credit: @dont_touch_the_thermostat

7. Will I Ever Get Some Sleep?


Credit: @dont_touch_the_thermostat

8. Where Did THAT Question Come From?


Credit: @sparklesandskidmarks

9. Uhh…Thanks For Your “Help” Honey


Credit: @dont_touch_the_thermostat

10. “I’ve Got It Mom, I’ve Got It”!


Credit: @sparklesandskidmarks

11. Ahh, Alone Time – WAIT


Credit: @momthesedays and @McMomica

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12. *Sigh*


Credit: @momthesedays

13. “No Mom, I Promise I’ll Ride It The Whole Way!”



In short, being a parent is amusing and we all find laughs throughout the stress and pain!

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