New on Mommybites: Healthy Living!

You know those families when you were growing up whose parents served “healthy variations” of traditional things. That was me. We had kidney bean pizza, salmon loaf instead of meat loaf, tofu dogs – the works. So of course I did the totally predictable teenage thing and rebelled against this lifestyle when I had the chance. This was all fine and dandy until I had kids and realized the choices I make for them directly affect their health and the planet that will one day be theirs. What I am finding lately however, is I often do not know all the facts to make informed decisions. I often find myself wondering, what should I do?

That is why I am beyond excited about our new Healthy Living section sponsored by our friends at Lemi Shine launching this Friday! This is a blog for seasoned Green Moms who want to learn the newest research and expand upon what they already know and also for New Greenies just starting to explore a healthier lifestyle as well as moms like me who are somewhere in between. Make sure to check it out each week to find dozens of parents and experts all weighing in the hows and whys of living healthier!

Here’s to 50 Shades of Green!

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