9 Great Ideas for Stay-At-Home Mom Jobs

stay at home mom job

Being a stay-at-home mom keeps a person very busy, but unfortunately it won’t earn you any money. If you can find a way to earn some money from home, while you look after the kids, that is a huge bonus.

Here are nine amazing stay-at-home moms jobs:

Resume Writer

Writing is a useful skill to have, but have you considered that resume writing is its own unique skill? Lots of people don’t know how to write a proper resume, so if you have the knowledge and experience, why not earn some extra money as a resume writer? You can find resume writing jobs on sites such as Resumention.

Mommy Blogging

Why not give blogging a try? Just because you’re a mom, it doesn’t mean you have to blog about mom-related things. You can blog about a lot of things and people will be interested in reading about it from a mom’s perspective. Do your best to make your blog relatable, interesting, and original, and you will build up a loyal flock of readers.

Once you’ve established yourself as someone that brings in readers and clicks, you’ll begin to see some ad revenue come in. Try out sites such as WordPress to get your mommy blog rolling. Brush up on your writing skills by checking out tools such as Via Writing, State Of Writing, and Simple Grad.

Academic Writer

A lot of people have bachelor’s degrees that they aren’t exactly doing a lot with. But one thing you probably picked up during your college years was a knack for academic writing. Put those hard-earned skills to work and earn some money while you’re doing it. Check out sites like Boom Essays and EssayRoo for academic writer jobs.

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Babysitting or Pet Sitting

Babysitting can be a great way for a mom to earn some extra money. Okay it’s never easy to look after another child, but since you’re already watching a couple, adding another few is a convenient way to earn some babysitting money.

If you’re an animal lover, you can also try your hand at pet sitting. You’ll make some money and enjoy the bonus of having an animal around for your children to play with.


Editing is another great job for a mom to do from home. Imagine being able to look after your kids while also working a relaxing editing job. Editing is an important skill, so if you have picked it up then put it to work and earn some money. Look for editing jobs at sites such as UKWritings and Elite Assignment Help.

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There are a lot of really talented amateur photographers out here. If you’re one of them, maybe it’s time to consider using that talent of yours to bring in some money. Photography can be a great job for a stay at home mom. You can shoot events on evenings or weekends and still watch over the kids during the day. It’s also a great outlet for creativity if you feel that’s something that you’re lacking in your life.

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Online Reviewer

Have you ever thought about being paid to review things online? Maybe you didn’t even know that was an option; but it is, and you can do it from the comfort of your own living room. Watch your kids while you make money as an online reviewer at places like Revieweal and UKTopWriters.

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Sell Your Baked Goods

A lot of parents don’t have time to do some quality baking. Now, you won’t have a ton of extra time either, since you’ll be watching the kids. But when you do find some extra time why not put it to good use and do some baking you can sell to other parents? Sites such as Facebook can be great for selling your baked goods online.

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Online Tutor

Tutoring people online can be a great way for a mom to earn money from home. Put your education and knowledge to good use and help someone out with their studies and get paid for it. Look for tutoring jobs on sites such as Academized.

The Good News About Work for Moms

A lot of parents are looking for ways to earn extra money. But not everyone is prepared to leave their kids to do that. Well, the good news is there are plenty of ways to earn income from home as you watch the kids.

work-from-home mom
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Grace Carter is a mom of a precious little girl Evelyn. While she is trying to juggle work and parenting (and it sometimes drives her crazy), she manages a team of writers and editors at Assignment Writing Service and Paper Fellows websites. As the job allows her to work from home a few days a week, she is able to spend more time with a little one. Also, Grace develops online courses on creative writing at OXEssays service.

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