Nanny Share Tips: How Does a Nanny Share Work?

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At times, of which there may be many, the decisions surrounding childcare in NYC can seem overwhelming, especially when these decisions often have to be made either just before or just after giving birth, when your brain is addled from sleep deprivation and hormone overload. Which is the best choice for you and for your family?

It ultimately comes down to a personal decision based on your specific circumstances, but one of the best options may be a nanny share with another family. Below are the benefits and tips to starting a nanny share in New York City.


With the exorbitant costs involved in raising a child in NYC, any opportunity to save money has to be carefully considered. The benefits of a nanny share significantly reduce the expense involved in NYC childcare, freeing up resources for classes for your children (or for yourself!), family vacations, or saving for college.

As well as the basic cost of the nanny’s wages, savings can also be made on any benefits provided, such as medical insurance or end of year bonuses. Although nannies charge extra for taking care of two children instead of one, the benefits of a nanny share allow you to split the costs with another family and far outweighs this increase. Most nanny shares involve just two children, but if you can find a nanny able to take care of three children the cost savings increase even further.

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Child Socialization

One of the potential concerns about having a nanny may be that it is a lot to ask of one person to keep a young child entertained all day. In a daycare setting the constant flow of activities means that children are regularly stimulated and play and learn along with other children, however in a nanny situation this can be demanding for one person to satisfy unless you are lucky enough to get a real-life Mary Poppins.

Personalized attention

Having an in-built playmate provides for easy entertainment for both children, especially as they grow out of the infant stage and start to play with each other more actively. This can often create a happy hybrid between the socializing aspect of daycare combined with the more personalized attention you can get from a nanny.

Questions to consider before starting a nanny share

Although the benefits can seem appealing, there are a lot of factors to think about when deciding if a nanny share is right for your family.

1. Does the other family’s schedule work with your, on a daily basis and also regarding vacations and so on?

2. Do you get along well with the other family?

3. Do you take a similar parenting approach?

4. A family that is strict with their children may not mesh so well with a family that is more laidback?

5. Do your children get along well?

Both families children will be spending a LOT of time together so it’s important that they can do so easily most of the time. Can your nanny handle the demands of looking after two children? It can be overwhelming for some nannies. What will happen if either of the parents has another child – will they become part of the nanny share arrangement and if so how will that work?

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Get Everything in Writing

It is important for everyone to be clear about their expectations of a nanny share and to get everything in writing from the outset, and to have open, on-going communication to deal with any changes. If you can make it work for you, a nanny share may be an ideal way to meet your childcare needs.

Looking for a Nanny in New York?

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Charlotte LaRocca is a mom to two boys, Sebastian and Gabriel. Originally from England, she now lives in New York where she works for the United Nations and enjoys having adventures with her family.

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