These Are Some Fun Anniversary Ideas with Kids

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When you first met your significant other, you probably spent a lot of time finding new ways to have fun together. There were endless opportunities for dates, long talks and adventures just for the two of you.

Once you have kids, those opportunities get much more limited. Instead of going to wine tastings and new countries, you may spend your days picking up endless toys and chasing down kids who have more energy than you have.

When your anniversary rolls around, you should celebrate it in the best way you can. Check out these things to do on your anniversary with kids, fun family events or something more private for the adults in the room. You’ll find something you’ll enjoy that will also work with your busy lifestyle, so no anniversary has to go unnoticed.

Make a Meal Together

Sometimes the most enjoyable thing you can do as a family is an activity together. It doesn’t have to be a big event either. Younger kids will love getting the chance to make a meal together, since cooking will be a new experience.

Figure out a meal that everyone can participate in. Spaghetti and meatballs is a great place to start. Someone can stir the spaghetti in the pot while others squish the ground beef into balls and warm the spaghetti sauce.

Top it off with an evening of baking, like making chocolate chip cookies. It’s special to spend time with your family in such an intricate and delicious way.

Take a Vacation

You may want to avoid having too many cooks in the kitchen, which is completely understandable. Instead, think about taking everyone on vacation. This is especially great for families with kids who may groan at the thought of cooking and doing dishes.

Enjoy a short weekend getaway to a nearby beach or hiking trail. Depending on when your anniversary is, you may have enough time to plan a week-long trip to a romantic destination. Cruises are another popular option for larger families, since they’re all-inclusive and the kids can eat as much as they want.

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Ride in Style

Some couples want to celebrate their anniversary by going out on a date. You may want to recreate the first date you ever went on or revisit a favorite local restaurant.

Whatever date you decide to go on, make sure you ride in style. Being chauffeured around town will make the date feel more special than usual, which it should. Anniversaries are something to celebrate. Enjoy an evening together and catch a private ride home in a limo that will make you feel like royalty.

Host a Wine and Cheese Party

Couples who are more social might prefer to spend their anniversary with friends. Let the kids have a playdate at a friend’s house or spend the evening with their favorite video games while you host a wine and cheese party.

Inviting people over for wine and cheese is about as casual as a party can get, but there will still be plenty of conversations to be had. Ask your guests to bring a snack or a bottle of wine so you don’t have to spend big. You’ll end up with a variety of foods to enjoy, like pistachios, deli meats and vegetable trays.

You can follow the party with a meal if you’d prefer or have everyone follow you to your favorite restaurant. Wine and cheese parties are super flexible, so you can spend your anniversary however you want.

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Do Something Adventurous

Young kids are typically more adventurous, so why not do something on your anniversary that will get everyone’s adrenaline pumping? Research an adventure that your family’s never been on before, like white water rafting, ziplining or snorkeling.

Some adventures may be in town, while others could require a short vacation. You’ll figure out which one is right for you depending on your budget. Doing something adventurous together will make great memories and make your upcoming anniversary stand out from all the others you’ve celebrated in the past.

Ask What Your Kids Would Enjoy

If you can’t imagine spending your anniversary without your kids, why not ask them what they’d enjoy doing? They may have fresh ideas you never would have thought of otherwise.

Whether you decide to do a family activity or rent a limo to a romantic date for two, a little bit of planning will make your next anniversary the best one yet.

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