8 Hidden Home Dangers to Beware of In NYC

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For New York City families, looking for a new home is no easy task; it’s one of biggest decisions and financial commitments you’ll make. Families often overlook the less obvious, but very important hidden home dangers to beware of when making decisions on where your family should live.

Whether your family is renting or looking to buy a home, make sure you check out the following 8 hidden home dangers across the New York City area which may affect the health and safety of your family members:

1. Lead paint

Know when the building was constructed.  If construction was prior to 1978, there is the potential of lead paint.  Neighborhoods like the Upper West Side and the Upper East Side in Manhattan are densely populated with pre-war buildings.  A seller or landlord is required by law to disclose their knowledge of the presence of lead paint.   Areas like walls, windowsills, ceilings, and moldings all could potentially have lead based paint.  Know what lead paint looks like – it’s easy to spot – and hire a professional certified in lead paint removal.  To avoid the potential of lead paint altogether, opt for new construction.

2. Asbestos

The presence of asbestos is a potential health threat, especially in townhomes.  Pipes, drop ceiling tiles, and certain floor tiles are prone to asbestos.  The removal and remedy of asbestos is strictly regulated, and you should not attempt to clean or remove materials suspected to have asbestos.  A thorough home inspection is key when purchasing a townhouse.

3. Pipes

In older buildings and pre-war buildings, the pipes may still be made of lead or galvanized iron.  This is potentially very dangerous as you and your family will be drinking water coming through the pipes.   Free water test kits are available online to determine the presence of lead, however remedy options and cost vary.

4. Floors

If the home’s floors are made of wood and/or laminate, you’ll want to know the name of the manufacturer.  Certain flooring and types of flooring may contain chemicals, which have recently been linked to health issues such as cancer.

5. Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is the largest cause of accidental poisoning.  Most people are aware that every home must contain smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, but where these are placed is very important.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission has just updated their recommendations.

6. Windows

In NYC, a landlord or managing agent is required by law to provide and properly install window guards if children under the age of 10 occupy a home.   But do you know who else can request window guards?  Window guards should be in place before your family moves into a new home, and you should also install child safety locks and/or remove blinds or window fixtures that could be dangerous to children.

7. Mold

A licensed inspector can easily conduct a mold test prior to you signing a contract or lease if you suspect the presence of mold.  Mold remedy should be conducting by a license contractor, and is a necessary step to correct this health concern.  Did you know that every buyer for every property type has the right to a home inspection?  Timing is everything; avoid surprises post closing.

8. Electrical Wiring

Know where your breaker box is located, and check the fuses.  If they look old, they probably are, and the electric wiring might not be up to code.

Throughout our daily lives, we take safety precautions and steps to avoid potentially harmful substances and elements. With the above hidden home dangers to beware of in NYC and proper guiding, you can ensure your home is safe for you and family.  Knowledge is power, and a safe environment is easy to ensure when you know what to look for and what to ask.

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