Congratulations! The wait is over and your baby has arrived! As exciting as having a new baby is, we know how overwhelming the first year can be! You’re in luck because in addition to all the useful information on our national blog such as infant sleep, feeding, schedules, work/life balance, the effect a baby has on your relationships, how to find “you time”, and developmental milestones, here you’ll find even more information on the ups and downs of raising a baby in the Boston area!

Seven Sleep Tips for Traveling with a Baby

The holiday travel season is in full swing, and parents are wondering how they are going to get their baby to sleep well despite the breaks in routine. Traveling with a baby – across town or across the country – can be a daunting task, especially as a new parent. But with just a bit of... read more

How Long Should I Swaddle My Baby?

Many newborn and young infants love being swaddled because it makes them feel safe and secure. However, by the time infants are three or four months, they should not be swaddled as they need to be able to move around freely – especially while they are sleeping or napping. This is not just a... read more

Understanding Newborn Sleep

What's happening with your baby's sleep? In my family sleep consulting practice, I often get calls from new parents asking about how to help their newborn sleep better. If I had the magical answer to that, I’d be a very rich person indeed! While newborns should dictate their own schedule,... read more

5 Tips for Successful Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is just one of the many loops on the wild roller coaster ride that is having a baby. Some find it easy; some find it difficult — but these tips will help you with the learning curve so you can enjoy feeding your baby. If you are one of the women who struggle with... read more

Why Does My Baby Cry So Much?

Babies cry for many reasons and this can be frustrating for parents. I know when my baby was having colic during the night, she would cry for what seemed like hours, and I would feel so helpless despite all my pediatric knowledge about managing colic. Parents naturally want to calm and soothe... read more