Congratulations! The wait is over and your baby has arrived! As exciting as having a new baby is, we know how overwhelming the first year can be! You’re in luck because in addition to all the useful information on our national blog such as infant sleep, feeding, schedules, work/life balance, the effect a baby has on your relationships, how to find “you time”, and developmental milestones, here you’ll find even more information on the ups and downs of raising a baby in the Boston area!

Top 6 Reasons Your Baby Isn't Sleeping

The struggle is real. Today’s parents are more tired than ever and the culprit is often a 10lbs bundle of love aka a non-sleeping baby. Sleep seems so natural, but so many parents are doing it wrong. Today I attended Kylee’s lecture on the Top 3 Reasons Your Baby Isn't Sleeping. And guess... read more

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What Every Expectant & New Parent Should Know

Imagine having a dedicated hour with a doctor to get ALL your burning expectant and new parent questions answered! Participants were in luck when one of the country's top docs from Weill Cornell Medical Associates was on hand for our recent class to answer many important new parent questions... read more

What You Don't Expect When You're Expecting

We recently held a fun, informative and free online parenting class on what you don't expect when you're expecting, during which Natalie Diaz, parenting expert and founder and CEO of Twiniversity, gave us the down and dirty of pregnancy: all the things you will never expect but really need to know... read more

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Questions to Ask At First Newborn Doctor Visit

Congratulations on your new baby! There is nothing more exciting and potentially overwhelming as your first newborn doctor visit. There are so many things to discuss and ask your pediatrician. This is one of my most favorite pediatric visits as a pediatrician. It’s a time when I meet... read more

Pediatric Dental Care: Class Re-cap

We recently held a highly illuminating teleclass on pediatric dental care, hosted by Dr. Adam Silevitch, DMD, Partner at Pediatric Dentists NYC, PC - also our generous sponsor. Dr. Adam answered questions regarding your childrens' teeth, from the basics to some "hot button" issues. Some of... read more