Grown Up Ways to Keep Your Home Little Kid Friendly

Looking for a way to keep your home looking nice, but still kid friendly? Start by dropping to the floor. The best approach to creating a kid friendly atmosphere is to see things from their perspective. Although you may not be fascinated with an electrical outlet, that is like a magnet for kids – especially if something is plugged in.

Then consider all the things that are within reach from down below. As far as a kid is concerned, those objects are fair game and must be grabbed. Now are you seeing things as a kid sees them? This doesn’t mean you should create a sterile environment in a padded room. There are plenty of grown up ways to have an elegantly decorated space that is still kid friendly. Consider these options:

Create an Exclusive Kid Zone


One way to make sure your living room is kept free of Crayons on the wall and Play-Doh on the furniture is to provide you kid with their own exclusive kid zone play area. If you have a spare room, then let them have at it. This is where their art studio and toy collection should be housed. If space is limited, then their play zone can be designated in a corner of a room complete with wicker storage baskets for the toys. A good habit to get into is teaching your child to pick up after themselves every day. Lessons we should all embrace.

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Expand Your Art Collection


If the goal is to keep things out of reach, then art is a viable solution. There are many ways to go from framed black and white photos to vibrant watercolor prints. Time to start visiting local fairs and festivals. You’re sure to find art that appeals to your tastes and fits in with your decor scheme. It doesn’t have to be a Picasso. You just have to like what it says to you.

Speaking of Picasso, no doubt your kid will be embracing their inner artist with abstract paintings. Instead of slapping them on the fridge with a magnet, why not give them a proper display in a nice frame to be hung on the wall? It’s a great way to teach your kids about art and embracing their creativity. Next stop, a museum.

Think Wood


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If you feel like your tables and shelves are too bare, then you might want to replace the breakable items with wood objects. A wooden bowl filled with seasonal objects like mini-pumpkins or pine cones could make a nice decorative accent. You could also find kitschy objects like a grouping of wooden pepper mills to place on a shelf. Bottom line: If the kid grabs one of these and knocks it on the floor, it probably won’t break. Mission accomplished.

Opt for Copper Doorknobs and Fixtures


Copper accents are a great way to elevate the decor in any room. You might consider swapping out your metal doorknobs and cabinet fixtures for copper ones. Not only will they look great, but copper also comes with an added health benefit. The inherent antimicrobial properties found in copper can minimize the spread of viral germs. Any parent who has suffered through a kid with a cold will appreciate the value of that tip!

Bring an Outdoor Rug Inside


Kids create traffic. A lot of traffic. Along that traffic route, they’re going to be dragging all kinds of things such as pets, toys and dirt. This is why you might want to replace your fragile throw rugs with outdoor rugs. You might be pleasantly surprised at the wide variety of patterns, colors and textures available in an outdoor rug. Best of all, if it gets dirty you just have to bring it back outside, hose it down, and let it dry in the sun. No harm, no foul.

Pouf Out


Poufs and storage ottomans are great options for kid seating in a living room. These don’t have to be clunky or of the “bean bag” variety. Instead, you’ll find a nice array of pouf options that are not only comfy for kids, but also easy to move around. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to go into a store and ask, “Where are your poufs?”

When it comes to decorating with kids, parents should get a pass. Everyone is aware of the constraints. However, that doesn’t mean you have to limit your options. You might just need a little out-of-the-box thinking. That would be another great lesson for your young ones.

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