Teach Me at My Own Pace: How Emergent Curriculum Benefits Your Child Momcast Re-cap

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Attention all parents who are starting the search for the perfect child care, preschool and early educations programs for their child! Did you know that Bright Horizons NYC is the leading provider for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old?

Bright Horizons NYC provides children with intentional guidance and rich experiences to build up their individual strengths and talents. Mommybites was lucky to sit down and speak with Bright Horizons’ Hudson Yards Executive Director, Ean Gensler to discuss today’s hottest teaching style: Child Emergent Curriculum (CEC).

During our Momcast, Ean shared how CEC is a process where teachers plan activities and projects based on the specific group of children they are working with, taking into account their skills, needs, and interests. CEC is applicable to children of all ages from infants to children gearing up to enter Kindergarten.

Ean covered topics such as a parent’s role in CEC, what CEC looks like during various stages from infancy to the toddler years and a child’s typical day at a Bright Horizons center.

In case you missed it, you can listen to the re-play of the Momcast here.

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Should you be interested in reading more about Child Emergent Curriculum, Ean advises you to read the below resources:

Additionally, Bright Horizons is growing in NYC! The NEW Bright Horizons at East 46th opens on Monday, October 1st! Conveniently located near Grand Central, the center offers two indoor play spaces for days when Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate complete with child-sized spin bikes! We are ready to welcome your child to our state of the art infant, toddler, twos and preschool classrooms. To schedule a visit, click here.

For a full list of NYC Bright Horizons visit, click here.

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