Honoring and Remembering: Treasure Each Moment

I’m sure that I am not alone when I say that I have been thinking about the horrific shooting in Colorado a lot these past few days. I have been thinking about how life can change in an instant. How quickly joy and excitement can turn into fear, horror and sadness.

But mostly, I have been thinking about the victims. I feel too far away to offer any immediate assistance or comfort, so I honor them the only way I know how. I read their names, listen to their stories and learn about their lives. Many of the victims’ families have asked that we remember that life is short – so we must live each day to its fullest. We must hug and kiss our children everyday; we must be kind to our parents, our brothers, our sisters, and our friends. And by doing so, maybe in some small way we can honor all those affected by this tragedy.

I would also like to share some helpful guidelines emailed to us by Dr. Gerard Costa, one of our speakers, on how to talk to our children when violence occurs. You would be surprised at how much our children hear, see and process when mass tragedies occur. 

Here’s to honoring and remembering.

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